The 99th Bomb Wing goes to war: Vietnam, 1967-1973
These photos show the 99th Bomb Wing deployed to Andersen
AFB, Guam in 1972. Aircraft pictured are B-52D's from the 99th
as well as the newer B-52G models (distinguished by the
shorter tails) from various other SAC bases. By this time, the
99th was exclusively flying D's; the C-models had been retired
in 1971.

(photos by Frank Malone)
A BUFF takes off from U-Tapao, circa 1971.

(photo provided by David Henry)
A then-brand new C-5A Galaxy transits Andersen AFB during the Vietnam War in
1972. The giant transport had joined the Air Force inventory less than two years
before this photo was shot.
                                                                       (photo provided by Frank Malone)
Webmaster's note: The massive Air Force
drawdown following the end of the Cold War
had a hand in the closure of both Pease and
Pease closed in 1991, while Plattsburgh shut its
doors in 1994. Today, Pease retains some of its
huge flight line for the New Hampshire AIr
National Guard's 157th Air Refueling Wing,
which flies KC-135R tankers. The base has
been renamed Pease International Tradeport.
Plattsburgh does not have any military presence.
B-52 recovery team members pictured in October 1970 at Westover are, from
left to right: MSgt. James Black, team chief; Sgt. Ronald Rocheleau, Senior
Airman Ronald Habel, Airman William Napier, and Senior Airman Frank

                                                       (photo provided by Frank Malone)
B-52D #55-0111 photo contributed by Dennis Thibodeau