Clippings from 1955 Yankee Flyers
These clippings to the right were
donated by Dave Coggiola, whose
father, Maj Lawrence Caggiola,
was the base procurement officer
in the early 1960s. Please click on
the thumbnails to enlarge them for

Dave writes:


I'm attaching six jpg's that I've
come across in my Dad's USAF
records. As you'll see, he was
involved in building a number of
the houses on Westover in his role
as the Base Procurement Officer in
the early 1960's. The articles track
the various steps of the houses
being built, the bids, the contract
awarded, etc.  The last jpg
discusses the base water supply
and the locals.

I hope that you'll be able to utilize
these docs as it would mean a lot
to my Dad to see this on the web
for others to view.  If you do decide
to use these articles, please let me
know so I can bring my laptop to
my father's home and let him see
your efforts regarding Westover.

Thanks again.
Dave Coggiola

Webmaster's note: You're
welcome; here they are! And
thank you for the photos.
Runway 5